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Actress Rima Kallingal on Mullaperiyar Issue

Malayalam and Tamil movie actress, Rima Kallingal has recently blogged on web regarding Mullaperiyar issue. Titled 'SOS from Mullaperiyar', the actress tries to spread awareness on the dam collapse disaster.

Actress Rima Kallingal on Mullaperiyar Issue

 In her own words.."I am not an expert on the subject but I am given to understand that short-term measures should include reducing the water levels in the dam, release waters at regular intervals to minimise the risk in the event of a disaster. In the long-term, only the construction of a new dam can be a solution."

"The Kerala government's new slogan - `Safety for Kerala, water for Tamilnadu' holds good here as I am sure everybody understands the value of both these demands for the two states.", She continues. 
" To create more awareness, a one-minute film on Mullaperiyar is being screened before the start of every movie at theatres across Kerala. Incidentally, the next release director Kamal's Swapna Sanchaari - is touted to be the first one to do so.", Rima went on tweeting.
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