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Fire in Kolkata Hospital kills 73 people

Massive fire that broke out today in AMRI hospital killed 73 people. The State Government has initiated a criminal case against the hospital. The licence of the hospital has been cancelled.

Fire in Kolkata Hospital kills 73 people

 The fire spread from the basement of the hospital, reached one ward after the other. Several patients died of burns. But most patients, both in ICU and in other wards died of suffocation caused by carbon monoxide accumulation all over the building. 50 bodies have been sent to the SSKM hospital where post mortem has already been conducted on 42 bodies.

Since the hospital building is surrounded by a glass facade, the accumulated gas could not escape which made the disaster massive.
The fire brigade was seen rescuing some bodies from the upper storeys. These bodies were tied up in ropes and sent down in pulleys. A large number of relatives of patients, who were still reported to be alive were sent to other hospitals of the city. They complained that they were getting confusing information about where their patients have been sent. 
The hospital has announced a compensation of 5 lakh to families of the deceased. In addition to this the centre and the state governments have also announced separate compensation packages.

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