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DAM999 : In Theaters on 25 November 2011

Dam999, A 10 Million dollar 3D movie by Sohan Roy is hitting the theatres worldwide on 25 November 2011. In India the movie will be released both in 2D and 3D on the same day. Dam999 is based on Banqiao Dam Disaster of 1975 which took the lives of 250,000 people in China. The movie is co-written by Naufal Ashraf.

DAM999 : In Theaters on 25 November 2011

The film Dam999 is equally inspired by Mullaperiyar Dam controversies. In 1886 a lease contract for 999 years was made for Periyar irrigation works, between Maharaja of Travancore and Secretary of State for India, which is now Tamil Nadu. Mullaperiyar dam was constucted in 1895.Disputes arised when the Government of Tamil Nadu proposed an increase in the storage level of the dam from currently maintained 136 feet to 142 feet. Government of Kerala opposed this move as the dam is 116 years old which compromises 5 million lives. 

 Constructors of Mullaperiyar gave only a life period of 50 years to the dam. The height and storage level of Mullaperiyar dam is far more than Banqiao Dam. An unexpected flood or earthquake is enough for the dam to collapse. This water bomb is 180 times powerful than the atom bombs dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Within an hour four districts will be wiped off. "With this scary truth in mind, I weaved out the movie Dam999", Sohan Roy says..
Dam999 Review (Story Line)
The film story goes like this. A dam which is now more than 100 years old, was built by the British during their colonial days in India. Eventually the dam breaks along with all of its characters. Dam999 is Sohan Roy's debut movie. A new toy is introduced by him which is called 'Octopian Boy' which is a solid action figure. The number 999 has great importance in British Colonial Indian history. The story reveals the hidden truth of India's old myths and science.
The number 9 has great significance in the movie. A viewer can watch this movie in 9 different angles. It can be viewed in an angle of a dam collapse, in an emotional dimension, based on "Navarasas", based on 9 musical notes or on 9 healing powers of Ayurveda, or based on 9 planets in Astrology. Its a collage of 9 concepts, Dam999 crew says. Navagrahas (9 planets) which is the foundation of astrology and Navarasas (9 states of mind) shape the story of the movie Dam999. That is why the title of the movie is kept "Dam 999". 
The movie Dam999 depicts the 9 forms of Lost Love. It portrays the concept of healing power of Ayurveda. Also the movie gives audience a feel of the 9 character with 9 tunes. Its an emotional thriller which shows the rich and varied cultural heritage of India.The movie releases on November 25, 2011, simultaneously in 200 theatres worldwide.
sohan roy - dam 999

In Sohan Roy's words..
"More than two years were spent for making the full script of the movie. I learned almost all area from basic technologies used in dams to Bharatha's Natya Shasthra, From Ayurveda to Astrology, From Ship race to Vedic Maths..India has a rich culture. This richness should be known to outside world. That is also a reason I took this much time in research."

Casting of Dam999
Nine actors from India and Hollywood plays major role in the movie. The concept of 'Navarasas' are represented by these actors. Malayalam actor Thilakan was originally cast do to 'Santha rasa' which  in the movie. But later he was replaced with Rajat Kapoor because of the issues he had with AMMA federation. 
Navarasas played by actors:
Bheebatsa rasa denoted by Blue: Played by Ashish Vidyarthi
Hasya rasa denoted by Pure White:  Joshya Fredric Smith
Roudra rasa denoted by Red:  Vinay Rai
Santha rasa denoted by White:  Rajat Kapoor
Karuna rasa denoted by Grey:  Vimala Raman
Bhayanaka rasa denoted by Black:  Jaala Pickering
Adbutha rasa denoted by Yellow:  Jineeth Rath
Shringara rasa denoted by Green: Megha Burman
Veera rasa denoted by Orange: Linda Arsenio
Dam999 Movie Crew
Director – Sohan Roy
Project Consultant – Eric Sherman
Script Doctor – Rob Tobin
Editor – Suresh Pai
Production Designer – Thotta Tharani
Music Director – Ousephachan
Sound Designer – Shajith Koyeri
Casting Director – Uzma Xina Kang
Make-Up Artist – Pattanam Rasheed
Costume Designer – S B Satheesh
Graphics Supervisor – V. Srinivas Murali Mohan
Action Director – Anal Arasu
Choreographer – Prasanna
Visual Effects – Prasad EFX Chennai
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